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We wonepart have all kinds of goods, such as Caterpillar seal kits, Hitachi seal kits, Komatsu seal kits, Komatsu hydraulic pump, Komatsu hydraulic main relief valve, komatsu pump pistion assy and so on. We will update more information based on the market.

  • PTFE gasket or back up ring The full name of PTFE gasket or back up ring is polytetrafluoroethylene gasket. It is also called PTFE gasket or Teflon gasket in foreign countries. It is a flat gasket made of PTFE rod, tube and plate by mechanical turning or cutting , V-shaped gasket, piston ring, ball valve gasket, etc. In fluid machinery (such as pumps, compressors, mixing tanks, centrifuges, etc.), the parts with the most severe operating conditions are considered to be PTFE gaskets or back up ring.With good characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance and non-conductivity. Polytetrafluoroethylene pH 0-14 (except for molten alkali metal and fluorine under high temperature and pressure). It can have good mechanical strength between -100 ° C and 100 ° C.

  • Now the Chinese Hammer or hydraulic breakers are popular all over the world, they have their own agent or dealers. The hydraulic breaker has become an important operating tool for hydraulic excavators. Some people have also installed the hydraulic breaker on the backhoe loader or wheel loader to perform the crushing operation. Hydraulic breaker, also known as hydraulic breaker or hydraulic hammer.

  • Seals are materials or parts that prevent fluid or solid particles from leaking from between adjacent bonding surfaces and prevent foreign impurities such as dust and moisture from entering the components inside the machine. The storage temperature of the seal is preferably below 30 ° C to avoid high temperature aging of the seal. Seal development Although the rubber seal is small, its role makes it a basic component and accessory in the main national economic industries such as national defense, chemical industry, petroleum, coal, transportation and machinery manufacturing, and it plays a very important role in the development of the national economy. In recent years, with the rapid economic growth, the rubber and plastic seal manufacturing industry has maintained double-digit growth. The data shows that in 2011, the size of China's rubber and plastic seal manufacturing industry (above companies (according to the statistical caliber of the National Bureau of Statistics, sales revenue of more than 20 million yuan) achieved a total industrial output value of nearly 10 billion, an increase of more than 20%. China Rubber and Plastic Seals There are more than 150 companies in the manufacturing industry (with an annual income of 20 million yuan), and the domestic rubber seal industry generally shows a small-scale and low-tech development situation. From the perspective of the economic type of enterprises, private and foreign-funded enterprises account for The ratio is over 95%, which is the main economic type of the industry. At the same time, enterprises are basically concentrated in East China. From the number of enterprises, sales revenue and asset scale, East China has occupied a considerable share and the market concentration is high. A private enterprise in China's seal industry serves a variety of customers with high-quality products and efficient service concepts.

  • We supply all kinds of seal or seals, we supply dust/wiper seal, and we also supply rotary seal,piston ring,rubber seal,seal ring,hydraulic seals,o ring seal,cylinder seal,piston seal,o ring suppliers,rod seal,hydraulic cylinder seals,rotary shaft seal,hydraulic cylinder seal kits,o ring manufacturers,pneumatic seals,seal manufacturers,metric seals,high pressure seals,o rings and seals,hydraulic piston seal,rotary lip seals,hydraulic rod seals, o ring seal design,rotating seal,hydraulic cylinder piston seals,types of hydraulic seals,types of hydraulic cylinder seals,pneumatic piston seal,seal suppliers,buffer seal,hydraulic cylinder seal kits suppliers, we are hydraulic seals manufacturers,such as TC oil seal,TB oil seal,TCN oil seal,HBY buffer seal,USH rod seal,IDI rod seal,UN seal,UNS U seal piston seal,SPGO piston seal,SPG piston seal,OHM piston seal,Floating seal,SPGW piston seal,WR wear ring,BRT back up ring,ROI center joint seal,TCV oil seal,DKBI wiper seal,KZT wear ring and so on. Brand of seal that we have, NOK, CORTECO, SKF, PARKR, HALLITE, TTO, DINGZING,CFW, TRELLEBORG, KYB, SIMIRIT, PET, CHO, CTY and other OEM or aftermarket brand that you want.

  • How to choose a hydraulic breaker or rock hammer chisel?It is often said that if a worker wants to do his best, he must first sharpen his weapon, and the same is true when using a hydraulic breaker. The important principle is to choose the appropriate YD hydraulic breaker or rock hammer chisel or drill rod according to the actual working conditions. Here, the choice of the chisel or drill rod is also important as the choice of the rock hammer, because the chisel is in direct contact with the material to be crushed and directly stressed, and an inappropriate chisel or drill rod will have a great impact on the crushing effect and efficiency.

  • KATO Excavators and Crane Seal kits Quotes Kato is committed to the development of various industrial machinery and engineering machinery to meet the needs of the times of constant development and change. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, the internal combustion engine began to be built, and then hydraulic truck cranes and hydraulic excavators were gradually developed. In recent years, we have developed off-road tire cranes, all-terrain cranes and many other machines. Kato has led a revolution in the construction machinery industry.

  • Basic introduction of dust seal The dust seal is a rubber seal ring for vehicles, machinery, construction machinery, and special purpose to prevent the intrusion of dust and dirt. The dust seal is generally used with a rubber rubber ring. It is used in some mechanical equipment and hydraulic piston systems, and is installed at the mechanical connection to prevent external dust and dirt from entering the equipment, especially in harsh environments. Large excavator dozers require a large amount of dust-proof packaging on the four-wheel, hydraulic system to prevent sand intrusion and protect machinery.

  • 0711-2019

    Hydraulic valve

    Hydraulic valve The hydraulic valve is an automatic component operated by pressure oil. It is controlled by the pressure oil of the pressure regulating valve. It is usually used in combination with an electromagnetic pressure regulating valve. It can be used to remotely control the on/off of oil, gas and water pipeline systems of hydropower stations. Commonly used for clamping, control, lubrication and other oil circuits. There are direct-drive type and pilot-type type, and the pilot type is used.

  • Hydraulic Hammer The power source of the hydraulic breaker is the pressure oil provided by the excavator or the pumping station of the loader. It can more effectively clean the mud in the floating stones and rock gaps in the function of excavating the foundation of the building. The principle of selecting a hydraulic breaker is to select the most suitable hydraulic breaker according to the model of the excavator and the environment of the operation.

  • WONEPART CELEBRATE the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China China is a kingdom of civilization, has a long history,if you never thought to new understanding of it. Now it is time for you to know more about that together with WONEPART product, which supply construction machines different quality, Original, OEM, aftermarket spare parts.

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