Chinese Hammer or hydraulic breakers are popular all over the world


Chinese Hammer or hydraulic breakers are popular all over the world

Now the Chinese Hammer or hydraulic breakers are popular all over the world, they have their own agent or dealers. The hydraulic breaker has become an important operating tool for hydraulic excavators. Some people have also installed the hydraulic breaker on the backhoe loader or wheel loader to perform the crushing operation. Hydraulic breaker, also known as hydraulic breaker or hydraulic hammer.

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This term is commonly used in Japan and South Korea. It is also called hydraulic hammer. Finnish and German companies often use this term. Manufacturers and users in our country call them hydraulic breakers, and they also call them hydraulic picks, hydraulic cannons, guns, crushing heads, woodpeckers, etc. The national standard terminology is called hydraulic impact breakers, hammer. Although the names are varied, they all refer to the same machine. This machine is driven by the hydro static pressure and drives the piston to reciprocate. The piston strikes the drill rod at high speed during the stroke of the piston. The drill rod breaks the solid such as ore and concrete. Devices are popular in our market. During the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, taking advantage of the rapid development of China's hydraulic breaker market, domestic hydraulic breaker enterprises rose rapidly, and domestic brands' market share continued to increase. However, as China's hydraulic breaker market is still in a rapid growth period, there are many brands, if you are looking for high quality with competitive price of hammers, pls visit our online website for more details 


Impact-Enhanced Structural Design

The hydraulic breaker adopts the optimized design concept to increase the stroke of the demolition piston and the cylinder. The same diameter of the piston and the chisel is used to make the breaker.The best matching effect with the host, reasonable use of the highest output energy, saving energy and achieving the highest working efficiency. It was made with high-quality materials and special precision technology.

The materials of important parts such as the piston, the main body bolt, the front part of the main body, the oil cylinder, and the rear part of the main body have passed the strict quality inspection of wonepart Company, which can guarantee the highest quality. The main parts such as the piston, the front of the main body, the oil cylinder, and the rear of the main body are manufactured using the latest heat treatment equipment. Many years of technical experience have guaranteed excellent quality and stability. YD hydraulic breakers have invested in several facilities such as MCT (Universal Machine Tool Center).CNC (NC machine tools) and large-scale grinding machines for breakers to realize automated manufacturing processes and stabilize quality. In particular, the inside of the oil cylinder and valve is processed by a large-scale internal diameter grinder dedicated to the broken hammer to ensure the accuracy of the center, and the special super-processing and internal diameter grinding operations are used to improve the surface roughness and product completion.

No accumulator device

The newly developed and produced accumulator-less hydraulic breaker uses high-tech theories and cancels the original accumulator device. Simple structure, fewer failures, convenient maintenance, reduced cost, and increased impact energy. Therefore, users can reduce the cost of both use and maintenance. Difference between accumulators without accumulator

The role of the accumulator

The accumulator is filled with nitrogen, and the hydraulic breaker is used to store the remaining energy and the energy of the piston recoil during the previous strike. At the same time, the energy is released at the same time to increase the strike capacity. An accumulator is installed when the breaker itself cannot reach the striking energy to increase the striking force of the breaker. Therefore, generally small ones have no accumulators, and medium and large ones are equipped with accumulators.

With accumulator

In a single strike, the strength will be slightly greater, and it will not be reflected in a continuous strike. Under the condition of small nitrogen in the leather bowl of the accumulator, the leather bowl will be damaged, and the overall dissection is more troublesome during maintenance. The accumulator is a relatively precise device, and there must be no gaps during installation and maintenance, otherwise nitrogen will leak out, causing the crusher to be weak and the leather bowl damaged. At the same time of troublesome repairs, the price of leather bowls is also relatively expensive. Generally domestic prices are a few hundred yuan, and the use time is very short. If you work 8 hours a day, the use time is about 1-2 months. The price of imports At more than a thousand, this will increase the extra expenditure of the user.

Without accumulator

At present, many crusher industries are developing towards accumulator-free devices. Brands such as Europe, the United States, and Japan have cancelled accumulators. Hydraulic breaker-less accumulators are an advanced technical performance. RWB's newly developed and produced accumulator-free application technology theory has eliminated the original energy storage device, which has a simple structure, fewer failures, convenient maintenance, and reduced costs, but the impact energy is not lower than those with energy storage devices. On the other hand, the energy accumulator is eliminated, reducing failures and saving costs. Therefore, users can reduce the cost of both use and maintenance.

Light weight and low maintenance costs

Control valve built-in structure

Based on the design concept of simple structure, few failures and easy maintenance. HALB newly developed and manufactured products are simple in structure, light in weight, and easy to transport; the number of disassembly and assembly parts is small, and the cost is reduced; the built-in structure of the control valve prevents the components of the hammer from being damaged due to external impact. In addition, the structure is simple, and the failure is reduced, thereby reducing the maintenance and use costs.

Strong and powerful "hydraulic + nitrogen" impact system

The most important feature of the breaker is its striking force and impact energy. Each model of the YD breaker has a strong hydraulic power system of "hydraulic + nitrogen". The system has high efficiency, minimizes energy loss and maximizes impact energy. All YD series hammers can provide first-class powerful impact energy. No matter how hard the working environment is, YD series hammers can complete the task in a desired way, which is the ideal choice for the hammer.

Flow adjustable device

The mechanism can effectively adjust the flow from the excavator or power source, so that the required impact force and frequency can be adjusted according to the rock conditions. It can be adjusted directly on the breaker, which is simple, easy, convenient and fast. The operator can It is completed directly, while many other brands need to be adjusted on the excavator or loader, the flow is not easy to control, and it requires professional maintenance personnel to complete.

——High impact force and slow speed

——Low impact force and fast speed

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