Piston UN Seal are commonly used in construction machines cylinder


Piston UN Seal are commonly used in construction machines cylinder

UN-piston and piston rod universal seal. Generally polyurethane products, product hardness: 90 degrees + -2 degrees, working temperature: -40 degrees-100 degrees, working medium: hydraulic oil. Working pressure: less than or equal to 32Mpa.

The advantages of UN oil seal: good wear resistance, resistance to extrusion and impact, small compression deformation, most suitable for harsh working conditions and easy to install.

hydraulic seal

The UN oil seal is the most widely used oil seal in hydraulic cylinders. Its main function is to prevent the entry of dust, dirt, grit, and metal shavings. It is mainly used for the sealing and dustproof of heavy-duty walking machinery or industrial hydraulic cylinders and cylinders, hoists, axial movement rods of guide rods, and piston rods (draw rods) and pistons (one-way piston seals) under static pressure. Whether it is used for pistons or piston rods, it can obtain a good sealing effect.

 piston seal

Hydraulic cylinder UN oil seal size table / UN type oil seal specification table


Yudi Technology's professional production agent sells UN seals for Huaerka NOK Taiwan DZ hydraulic cylinders;

Taiwan DZ-UN hole shaft dual-use seal ring:

UN seal

Suitable working temperature: -35 to 100 degrees Celsius; material: polyurethane; pressure resistance: 35MPA. Widely used in oil cylinder piston seal and tie rod seal.

Suitable for: injection molding machines, presses, oil cylinders, etc.

Custom processing No. Oil seal application Main oil seal material Polyurethane

Brand DZ Model UN Applicable models Excavator, etc.

Size 8 * 14 * 4 (mm) Suitable models Excavator Matching relationship Applicable

Model: Taiwan Dingji DINGZING (DZ) hole shaft universal UN series oil seal U-shaped oil seal hole shaft universal seal DING ZING DZ

Seal products have excellent tensile strength, compression deformation rate, temperature resistance and pressure resistance. Dingji seals have a long service life and are suitable for low, medium and high pressure hydraulic cylinders.

Material: Polyurethane (TPU) 8L95J? Maximum operating pressure: 35 Mpa? Operating speed: 0.03 ~ 0.5m / sec? Operating temperature: -20oC ~ 100oC? Test oil: hydraulic oil 46.

hydraulic seal

Features: U-ring is the most commonly used oil seal in hydraulic cylinders. It is a typical lip seal. Whether it is used for pistons and piston rods, it can get a good seal. UN is universal for hole shafts. Its shape is two The side lips are symmetrical.

Model size table;

DZ-UN specifications

piston seal

UN 4x10x4UN 32x42x7UN 76x82x5
UN 4x11x5UN 32x42x8UN 76x91x14
UN 4x12x4UN 32x42x10UN 76x92x12
UN 4.5x9.5x4UN 32x44x6.3UN 76.5x90.5x10
UN 4.5x11x5UN 32x45x6UN 78x86x14
UN 5x11x8UN 32x45x8UN 78x95x11.5
UN 5x12x5UN 32x45x10UN 80x88x8
UN 5x12x5.5UN 32x46x10UN 80x90x5
UN 5x12x6UN 32x47x10UN 80x90x6
UN 5x12x8UN 32x48x8UN 80x90x8
UN 5x14x4.5UN 32x48x10UN 80x90x10
UN 5x14x6UN 32x50x10UN 80x90x12
UN 5x14x8UN 32.5x38x8UN 80x91x10
UN 5x16x6UN 33x39x8UN 80x92x8.7
UN 5x16x8UN 33x40x8UN 80x93x8
UN 6x12x4UN 33x42x8UN 80x94x10
UN 6x12x5UN 34x45x8UN 80x95x9
UN 6x12x5.5UN 34x50x12UN 80x95x10
UN 6x12x6UN 35x41x5UN 80x95x12
UN 6x12x8UN 35x42x10UN 80x96x12
UN 6x13x5UN 35x43x5UN 80x100x10
UN 6x13.5x5UN 35x43x6UN 80x100x12
UN 6x14x5UN 35x43x7UN 80x100x13
UN 6x14x6UN 35x45x5UN 80x100x13.5
UN 6x14x8UN 35x45x6UN 80x100x15
UN 6x15x6UN 35x45x7UN 80x105x12
UN 6x16x6UN 35x45x8UN 80x110x12
UN 6x16x8UN 35x45x10UN 80x110x15
UN 6.3x16.3x8UN 35x46x6UN 81x100x16
UN 7.1x17.1x8UN 35x46x8UN 85x93x8
UN 7.93x14.28x3.17UN 35x46x10UN 85x93x11.5
UN 8x12x8UN 35x47x6UN 85x95x5
UN 8x14x4UN 35x48x8UN 85x95x8.5
UN 8x14x6UN 35x48x10UN 85x95x9
UN 8x14x8UN 35x50x8UN 85x95x12
UN 8x15x6UN 35x50x9UN 85x96x10
UN 8x15x8UN 35x50x10UN 85x97x9
UN 8x16x4UN 35x55x10UN 85x100x9
UN 8x16x5.7UN 35.5x45x6UN 85x100x10
UN 8x16x6UN 35.5x50.5x10UN 85x100x12
UN 8x16x8UN 36x44x4UN 85x105x10
UN 8x18x8UN 36x44x5.3UN 85x105x12
UN 8x19x8UN 36x44x8UN 85x105x15
UN 8x22x10UN 36x45x6.5UN 85x105x18
UN 9x16x6UN 36x46x6UN 85x110x12
UN 9x19x6UN 36x46x7UN 86x96x11.5
UN 9x19x8UN 36x46x10UN 87x95x11.5
UN 10x13.5x2.2UN 36x48x10UN 90x100x5
UN 10x14x2.5UN 37x47x8UN 90x100x8
UN 10x14x4UN 37x47x10UN 90x100x10
UN 10x15x3UN 38x45x5UN 90x100x12
UN 10x16x4UN 38x45x6.5UN 90x102x14
UN 10x16x4.5UN 38x45.5x6UN 90x105x9
UN 10x16x6UN 38x48x6UN 90x105x11.5
UN 10x16x8UN 38x48x10UN 90x105x12
UN 10x18x5UN 38x50x6UN 90x110x9
UN 10x18x5.5UN 38x50x8UN 90x110x10
UN 10x18x6UN 38x50x9UN 90x110x12
UN 10x18x8UN 38x50x10UN 90x110x13
UN 10x20x5UN 38x52x10UN 90x110x15
UN 10x20x6UN 38x55x10UN 90x115x12
UN 10x20x7UN 38x58x9.7UN 90x115x15
UN 10x20x8UN 38x58x10UN 90x120x12
UN 10x22x6UN 38x60x10UN 91x97x5
UN 10x22x8UN 38x62x12UN 95x105x10
UN 11x17x4UN 39x48x6.5UN 95x105x11.5
UN 11.11x19.5x4.76UN 39x54x10UN 95x105x12
UN 11.2x19.2x5UN 39x58x13UN 95x110x9
UN 11.2x21.2x8UN 40x48x5UN 95x110x10
UN 12x18x4UN 40x48x6UN 95x110x12
UN 12x18x5UN 40x48x8UN 95x115x12
UN 12x18x6UN 40x48x10UN 95x115x13.5
UN 12x18x8UN 40x48x11UN 95x115x15
UN 12x19x5UN 40x50x5UN 95x115x18
UN 12x20x4UN 40x50x6UN 95x120x12
UN 12x20x5UN 40x50x6.5UN 95x120x13
UN 12x20x6UN 40x50x7UN 97x105x14
UN 12x20x7UN 40x50x8UN 98x112x9
UN 12x20x8UN 40x50x9UN 100x110x5
UN 12x22x5UN 40x50x10UN 100x110x6
UN 12x22x6UN 40x52x7UN 100x110x8
UN 12x22x7UN 40x52x8UN 100x110x11
UN 12x22x8UN 40x52x10UN 100x110x15
UN 12x24x6UN 40x53x8UN 100x112x9
UN 12x24x8UN 40x55x7UN 100x115x9
UN 12x25x8UN 40x55x8UN 100x115x10
UN 12x25x10UN 40x55x10UN 100x115x12
UN 12x26x10UN 40x56x6UN 100x115x15
UN 12.5x22.5x8UN 40x60x10UN 100x120x10
UN 14x20x5UN 40x60x12UN 100x120x12
UN 14x20x6UN 40x63x13UN 100x120x13.5
UN 14x20x8UN 40x65x10UN 100x120x15
UN 14x21x5UN 40x65x12UN 100x125x10
UN 14x22x4UN 41x57x10UN 100x125x12
UN 14x22x5UN 41x61x10UN 100x125x15
UN 14x22x6UN 42x50x6UN 100x130x15
UN 14x22x8UN 42x50x8UN 100.4x115x9
UN 14x24x5UN 42x52x6UN 104x117x5.3
UN 14x24x8UN 42x52x8UN 104.5x117x5.3
UN 14x26x5UN 42x52x10UN 105x113x11
UN 14x28x10UN 42x53x9UN 105x115x9
UN 14x30x5UN 42x55x7UN 105x115x13.5
UN 15x21x4UN 42x55x8UN 105x120x8
UN 15x22x6UN 42x62x12UN 105x120x9
UN 15x22x8UN 43x53x7.5UN 105x120x11
UN 15x23x5UN 43x55x6UN 105x120x12
UN 15x25x5UN 44x50x8.5UN 105x120x13
UN 15x25x6UN 44.5x54.5x6UN 105x120x15
UN 15x25x7UN 45x52x10UN 105x125x10
UN 15x25x8UN 45x53x6UN 105x125x11
UN 15x25x10UN 45x53x8UN 105x125x12
UN 15x27x7UN 45x53x10UN 105x125x13
UN 15x30x8UN 45x55x5UN 105x125x15
UN 15x30x10UN 45x55x6UN 105x125x16
UN 15.8x20x3UN 45x55x6.5UN 105x130x12
UN 16x22x4UN 45x55x7UN 106x121x9
UN 16x22x5UN 45x55x7.5UN 106x126x16
UN 16x22x6UN 45x55x10UN 107x113x5
UN 16x22x7UN 45x55x12UN 110x120x12
UN 16x22x8UN 45x56x7UN 110x124x9.5
UN 16x24x4UN 45x56x10UN 110x125x9
UN 16x24x5UN 45x58x10UN 110x125x12
UN 16x24x8UN 45x58x12UN 110x125x15
UN 16x24x9UN 45x60x9UN 110x130x9
UN 16x26x5UN 45x60x10UN 110x130x12
UN 16x26x7UN 45x60x12UN 110x130x15
UN 16x26x8UN 45x61x10UN 110x130x16
UN 16x28x6UN 45x63x10UN 110x135x15
UN 16x32x8UN 45x63x12UN 110x140x15
UN 17x25x5UN 45x65x10UN 110x140x18
UN 17x25x5.5UN 45x65x12UN 110x145x15
UN 17x25x6UN 45x66x10UN 112x125x9
UN 17x30x6UN 45x70x12UN 112x127x12
UN 17x30x7UN 45x70x15.5UN 112x132x15
UN 18x22x8UN 45x70x16UN 112x132x16
UN 18x24x5UN 46x56x8UN 115x125x12
UN 18x24x8UN 46x62x10UN 115x130x9
UN 18x25x5UN 47x55x10UN 115x130x10
UN 18x26x5UN 48x58x6UN 115x130x12
UN 18x26x6UN 48x58x8UN 115x130x13.5
UN 18x26x7UN 48x58x10UN 115x130x14.5
UN 18x26x8UN 48x60x6UN 115x130x15
UN 18x28x5UN 48x63x10UN 115x135x15
UN 18x28x8UN 49.5x57x5UN 115x140x12
UN 18x30x8UN 50x57x10UN 115x140x15
UN 18x30x10UN 50x58x6UN 117x130x10
UN 18x31x8UN 50x58x8UN 117x130x12
UN 18x32x7UN 50x58x12UN 118x126x14
UN 18x34x8UN 50x60x5UN 118x130x10
UN 18x38x6UN 50x60x6UN 118x130x12
UN 18.5x31.74x6.35UN 50x60x6.5UN 120x130x5
UN 19x25x5UN 50x60x7UN 120x130x12
UN 19x25x7UN 50x60x8UN 120x130x13
UN 19x34x8UN 50x60x10UN 120x130x14
UN 19.5x30.16x6.35UN 50x60x12UN 120x132x12
UN 19.5x33.34x7.93UN 50x62x9UN 120x135x9
UN 20x26x3.2UN 50x62x9.5UN 120x135x12
UN 20x26x3.3UN 50x62x10UN 120x140x10
UN 20x26x5UN 50x62x12UN 120x140x12
UN 20x26x6UN 50x63x6UN 120x140x13
UN 20x27x6UN 50x63x6.5UN 120x140x15
UN 20x28x4UN 50x63x8UN 120x140x16
UN 20x28x5UN 50x63x10UN 120x145x12
UN 20x28x5.5UN 50x65x7.5UN 120x145x15
UN 20x28x6UN 50x65x8UN 120x145x18
UN 20x28x7UN 50x65x9UN 120x150x15
UN 20x28x8UN 50x65x10UN 124x145x15
UN 20x30x5UN 50x65x12UN 125x140x9
UN 20x30x6UN 50x66x12UN 125x140x11
UN 20x30x7UN 50x68x10UN 125x140x12
UN 20x30x8UN 50x70x8UN 125x140x13
UN 20x30x10UN 50x70x10UN 125x140x15
UN 20x31x8UN 50x70x12UN 125x145x12
UN 20x32x6UN 50x70x18UN 125x145x15
UN 20x32x8UN 50x75x12.5UN 125x150x15
UN 20x33x8UN 50.9x70x13UN 125x155x15
UN 20x33x10UN 51x66x14UN 126x132x5
UN 20x34.5x12UN 52x62x12UN 130x145x9
UN 20x35x7UN 52x65x6UN 130x145x12
UN 20x35x8UN 52x70x12UN 130x145x15
UN 20x35x10UN 52x72x10UN 130x150x10
UN 20x36x8UN 53x63x6UN 130x150x12
UN 20x37x12UN 53x63x6.5UN 130x150x15
UN 20x40x8UN 53x63x10UN 130x155x12
UN 20x40x10UN 53x65x8UN 130x155x15
UN 20x40x12UN 53x73x12UN 130x160x15
UN 22x28x4UN 54x64x6UN 130x165x15
UN 22x28x4.5UN 54x70x12UN 132x152x15
UN 22x28x8UN 55x65x5UN 135x150x12
UN 22x29x5UN 55x65x6UN 135x150x15
UN 22x30x4UN 55x65x8UN 135x155x12
UN 22x30x5UN 55x65x10UN 135x155x15
UN 22x30x6UN 55x65x12UN 135x160x15
UN 22x30x7UN 55x66x10UN 135x160x19
UN 22x32x5UN 55x70x7.5UN 135x165x15
UN 22x32x6UN 55x70x9UN 136x150x9
UN 22x32x8UN 55x70x10UN 140x150x5
UN 22x32x10UN 55x70x12UN 140x150x6
UN 22x34x7UN 55x71x12UN 140x150x11
UN 22x34x10UN 55x72x10UN 140x150x15
UN 22x35x6UN 55x75x10UN 140x152x10
UN 22x35x7UN 55x75x12UN 140x155x9
UN 22x35x8UN 55x76x10UN 140x155x10
UN 22x35x10UN 56x66x6UN 140x155x15
UN 22x36x9UN 56x66x6.5UN 140x157x6
UN 22x38x8UN 56x66x8.5UN 140x160x9
UN 22x40x10UN 56x66x10UN 140x160x10
UN 22x40x12UN 56x71x11.5UN 140x160x12
UN 22.4x30x5UN 56x76x12UN 140x160x15
UN 22.4x32.4x8UN 57x63x8UN 140x160x16
UN 22.5x31.5x5UN 57x63x10UN 140x165x15
UN 22.7x33x5.3UN 58x68x6UN 140x170x15
UN 23x35x6UN 58x68x14UN 141x151x14
UN 23.5x31.5x5UN 58x78x12UN 143x151x14
UN 23.81x39.69x7.93UN 60x68x11.5UN 145x160x9
UN 23.81x41.28x9.52UN 60x68x14UN 145x160x12
UN 24x30x6UN 60x70x5UN 145x165x15
UN 24x32x4UN 60x70x6UN 145x170x15
UN 24x32x5UN 60x70x8UN 145x175x15
UN 24x32x6UN 60x70x10UN 150x165x9
UN 24x32x7UN 60x70x12UN 150x170x10
UN 24x34x5UN 60x71x7UN 150x170x12
UN 24x34x6UN 60x72x10UN 150x170x15
UN 24x34x7UN 60x73x8UN 150x180x15
UN 24x36x6UN 60x75x9UN 150x180x18
UN 24x36x8UN 60x75x10UN 155x180x15
UN 25x30x6UN 60x75x12UN 160x170x7.5
UN 25x31x6UN 60x75x13UN 160x170x12
UN 25x32x4UN 60x76x12UN 160x175x7.5
UN 25x32x5UN 60x80x6UN 160x175x9
UN 25x32x7UN 60x80x10UN 160x175x12
UN 25x33x5UN 60x80x12UN 160x175x15
UN 25x33x5.5UN 60x80x18UN 160x175x16
UN 25x33x6UN 60x85x10UN 160x180x10
UN 25x33x7UN 60x85x12UN 160x180x12
UN 25x33x8UN 60x85x12.5UN 160x180x15
UN 25x33x10UN 60x90x15UN 160x185x12
UN 25x35x5UN 60x90x16UN 160x185x16
UN 25x35x6UN 61x67x5UN 160x185x18
UN 25x35x7UN 61x71x6UN 160x190x15
UN 25x35x7.3UN 61x71x6.5UN 160x190x18
UN 25x35x8UN 61x78x15.5UN 160x195x17
UN 25x35x10UN 62x70x10UN 162x172x14
UN 25x36x6UN 62x72x10UN 165x177x9
UN 25x37x7UN 62x75x10UN 165x180x9
UN 25x38x8UN 62x78x10UN 165x180x15
UN 25x38x10UN 62x80x10UN 165x185x15
UN 25x40x6UN 62x82x10UN 165x190x15
UN 25x40x6.5UN 62x82x12UN 170x190x15
UN 25x40x8UN 63x71x8UN 170x195x12
UN 25x40x10UN 63x73x6UN 170x195x15
UN 25x42x8UN 63x73x12UN 170x200x15
UN 25x43x8UN 63x75x10UN 170x200x18
UN 25x45x8UN 63x75x14UN 170x215x20
UN 25x45x10UN 63x78x10UN 171x179x14
UN 25x50x10UN 63x80x10UN 175x200x15
UN 25.4x30.2x6UN 63x80x12UN 175x205x15
UN 26x32x4.7UN 63x80x16UN 180x190x10
UN 26x36x8UN 63x83x12UN 180x200x12
UN 26x36x10UN 64x80x8UN 180x200x12.5
UN 26x38x8UN 64x80x12UN 180x200x15
UN 26x47x12UN 65x73x8UN 180x205x12
UN 27x35x5UN 65x73x11.5UN 180x205x15
UN 27x36x6UN 65x75x6UN 180x205x18
UN 28x35x6UN 65x75x9UN 180x210x15
UN 28x35.5x5UN 65x75x10UN 180x210x22
UN 28x36x4UN 65x75x12UN 180x215x15
UN 28x36x5UN 65x76x10UN 183x193x14
UN 28x36x6UN 65x79x10UN 185x195x12
UN 28x36x7UN 65x80x7.5UN 185x200x7.5
UN 28x36x8UN 65x80x9UN 185x200x9
UN 28x38x7UN 65x80x10UN 185x200x12
UN 28x38x8UN 65x80x11UN 185x200x15
UN 28x38x10UN 65x80x12UN 185x205x15
UN 28x40x8UN 65x85x10UN 185x210x15
UN 28x40x10UN 65x85x12UN 185x215x15
UN 28x43x10UN 65x86x10UN 190x205x15
UN 28x44x8UN 66x76x8UN 190x205x16
UN 28x50x13UN 67x77x6UN 190x210x12
UN 30x36x8UN 67x77x9.5UN 190x210x15
UN 30x37x6UN 67x77x12UN 190x215x15
UN 30x38x5UN 67x87x12UN 190x215x16
UN 30x38x5.7UN 67x95x11.5UN 190x220x15
UN 30x38x6UN 68x78x12UN 190x220x16
UN 30x38x7UN 68x80x9UN 190x220x22
UN 30x38x8UN 70x80x5UN 200x215x12
UN 30x40x5UN 70x80x6UN 200x220x12
UN 30x40x5.5UN 70x80x8UN 200x220x15
UN 30x40x6UN 70x80x10UN 200x220x18
UN 30x40x6.5UN 70x80x12UN 200x225x15
UN 30x40x7UN 70x81x10UN 200x230x15
UN 30x40x7.3UN 70x82x10UN 200x230x18
UN 30x40x8UN 70x82x12UN 200x230x22
UN 30x40x10UN 70x83x12UN 200x235x20
UN 30x42x6UN 70x84x10UN 207x217x14
UN 30x42x8UN 70x85x8UN 210x225x15
UN 30x42x9UN 70x85x9UN 210x230x12
UN 30x42x10UN 70x85x10UN 210x230x15
UN 30x43x6.5UN 70x85x10.5UN 210x235x15
UN 30x43.6x9.5UN 70x85x12UN 210x240x15
UN 30x44x5.5UN 70x90x10UN 210x240x18
UN 30x45x8UN 70x90x12UN 215x240x15
UN 30x45x10UN 70x90x13UN 215x240x16
UN 30x46x10UN 70x90x13.5UN 215x240x18
UN 30x47x10UN 70x90x15UN 220x240x12
UN 30x48x10UN 70x90x18UN 220x250x15
UN 30x50x10UN 70x91x10UN 225x240x12
UN 30x50x11UN 70x95x12UN 225x255x26
UN 30x50x12UN 71x80x6UN 230x250x12.5
UN 30x52x10UN 71x81x6UN 230x250x15
UN 31x47x10UN 71x91x12UN 230x250x18
UN 31.5x41.5x6UN 73x85x10UN 230x255x18
UN 31.5x44.3x9.5UN 75x85x6UN 230x260x18
UN 31.5x46.5x10UN 75x85x10UN 235x255x12
UN 31.8x41.3x6.3UN 75x85x12UN 235x260x19
UN 32x39x8UN 75x86x10UN 240x260x16
UN 32x40x4UN 75x90x9UN 240x265x16
UN 32x40x5UN 75x90x10UN 240x270x18
UN 32x40x5.5UN 75x90x12UN 250x270x15
UN 32x40x6UN 75x95x10UN 250x275x19
UN 32x40x6.3UN 75x95x12UN 250x280x18
UN 32x40x8UN 75x95x13UN 250x280x19
UN 32x40x10UN 75x95x13.5UN 250x280x25
UN 32x42x6UN 75x100x15UN 260x280x14

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