Construction machine spare parts for Mecca building mosque projects

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Mecca is the first holy place of Islam. It is located in a narrow valley in the Sierra region of western Saudi Arabia, with an area of less than 760 square kilometers and a population of about 1.79 million. Surrounded by mountains, the layers are undulating and the scenery is magnificent.

Under the guidance of the One Belt One Road policy, we have taken this opportunity to continuously expand the expansion and development of Mecca in the Middle East market. We provide our customers with various accessories such as seals, hydraulics and engine parts for our customers, and our customers provide our accessories to support the construction of the holy land of Mecca, enabling Mecca to become an Islamic center for better service to Islam. Believers, pray together, eat together, learn the historical events of Islam, and celebrate the glorious performance of Allah.

Different faiths but a common pursuit of a better life, Yu Di manufacturing makes Islamic life better.

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