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    Rod Seal

    Rod Seal

    We wonepart YD seal system offers a wide selection of rod seals to provide customers with the best solution to prevent the intrusion of external media into the system. Our products can meet the requirements of users with low friction, compact structure and easy installation.
    The rod seal is mainly made of polytetrafluoroethylene or polyurethane material. These materials are designed for hydrodynamic applications and provide excellent abrasion resistance and excellent extrusion resistance. Compatible with almost all media, this product offers unmatched performance under extreme temperature conditions.

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    Piston Seal

    Piston Seal

    Piston seals maintain sealing contact in sliding motion between the piston and cylinder bore for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
    The piston seal is a shaft seal, and the piston rod seal is a hole seal. The oil cylinder is composed of a cylinder block, a piston, a piston rod, a cylinder head and a sealing ring. When using a piston seal, it can be used in combination with an anti-pollution seal to prevent damage due to foreign matter or adiabatic compression, which can improve durability.

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  • Dust/Wiper Seal

    Dust/Wiper Seal

    Dust seal
    Basic introduction of dust seal
    Dust seal is a rubber material sealing ring used for vehicles, machinery and engineering machinery to prevent dust and dirt from entering.
    The dust seal is generally used in conjunction with a rubber round rubber ring. It is used in some mechanical equipment and hydraulic piston systems to be installed at the connection part of the machine to prevent outside dust and dirt from entering the equipment, especially in harsh environments. Large excavator bulldozers need a large amount of dust-proof packaging on the four wheels and one belt, hydraulic system to prevent the intrusion of sand and protect the machinery.

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  • Guide/Wear Ring

    Guide/Wear Ring

    Wear ring or guide ring is used as bearing of rod and piston to prevent its scoring or accentricity and to improve the durability of the packing.
    Wear ring effect
    The wear ring is used as a supporting element on the piston to prevent the piston and the cylinder from scratching each other, reduce the eccentricity, and improve the durability of the seal.
    Selection of wear ring
    The shape and material of the wear ring should be selected according to the working conditions. Like the oil cylinders for construction equipment, at low speeds and high loads, phenolic resin and WR containing resin fibers are used. For high speed, low load, or creeping, please use polytetrafluoroethylene resin model RYT or RYT2 with excellent friction and abrasion characteristics.
    The material of RYT is polytetrafluoroethylene resin, which is characterized by a low friction and wear ring without creeping. Excellent wear resistance in high speed and low load areas. We calculate by volume and can cut according to the size of the cylinder bore. Can withstand temperatures ranging from -55 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees Celsius.

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  • Back Up Ring

    Back Up Ring

    Using Back-up Rings allows O-Rings to be utilized in higher pressure applications, where larger extrusion gaps are required and where there are reciprocating or rotating movements. They also compensate for large temperature fluctuations.
    Hydraulic cylinder seals prevent the leakage of working medium (internal and external leakage) and prevent foreign objects (such as air, dust and water) from entering the hydraulic components and hydraulic system.

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  • Buffer Seal

    Buffer Seal

    Buffer seal is used in combination with rod packing to absorb the impact and fluctuating pressure at high load, to isolate high temperature fluid, and to improve the durability of the packing.
    The cylinder is cushioned and sealed, and the product itself has a pressure relief groove for easy exhaust. Robust design.
    When the hydraulic cylinder is used under high pressure, a polyurethane buffer seal is installed in front of the piston rod main seal to filter the impact of the high pressure on the main seal and to extend the service life of the main seal.

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  • O Ring

    O Ring

    O-ring O-ring is a rubber seal with a circular cross-section. Because its cross-section is O-shaped, it is called an O-ring and is also called an O-ring. It first appeared in the mid-19th century, when it was used as a sealing element for steam engine cylinders.
    O-rings are the most common mechanical design for sealing because they are cheap, simple to manufacture, reliable, and simple to install. O-rings withstand tens of megapascals (thousand pounds). O-rings can be used in static applications or in dynamic applications with relative motion between components, such as rotary pump shafts and hydraulic cylinder pistons.
    O-ring specifications include UHSO-ring specifications, UHPO-ring specifications, UNO-ring specifications, DHO-ring specifications, piston rod O-ring specifications, high temperature O-ring resistance, high-pressure O-ring resistance, and corrosion-resistant O-ring Ring, wear-resistant O-ring.

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  • Rotary Seal

    Rotary Seal

    Rotary Seal are special seals mainly used for center joint of industrial equipment. Rotary Seal have excellent sealing ability and low friction.There are two main types of rotary seals for rotary joints, composite seals and mechanical seals. The sealing performance of the composite material seal is relatively better, and it is used in the occasion where the hydraulic cylinder has intermediate positioning. Due to the small size of the seal itself, the rotary joint sealed with composite material can make the rotary joint more compact and compact. The cost of composite seals is also much cheaper than mechanical seals. The composite material rotary seal is composed of two parts. It consists of an outer ring made of PTFE and an O-ring made of NBR. O-rings support the outer ring, making the entire rotary seal easier to install. Slide between the outer ring and the housing of the swivel joint.

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    Oil Seal

    Oil Seal

    The oil seal is a typical representative of the oil seal. Generally speaking, the oil seal refers to the oil seal. The role of the oil seal is generally to isolate the components in the transmission component that need to be lubricated from the external environment, so as not to allow the lubricant to leak. The skeleton is like the reinforcing steel in the concrete component, which strengthens and keeps the oil seal in shape and tension. According to the structure, it can be divided into single-lip oil seal and double-lip oil seal. The secondary lips of the double-lip oil seal play a dust-proof role to prevent outside dust, impurities, etc. from entering the inside of the machine. According to the skeleton type, it can be divided into inner oil seal, exposed oil seal and assembled oil seal. According to working conditions, it can be divided into rotary oil seal and reciprocating oil seal. Used in crankshafts of gasoline engines, crankshafts of diesel engines, gearboxes, differentials, shock absorbers, engines, axles and other parts.

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