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Wonepart and YUDI is our company logo and website symbol as XIAMEN YUDI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Our goal is part for all all parts for you. We wonepart supply all kinds of construction machines parts, seals, seal kits, hydraulic breakers, hydraulic hammer parts for different brand, hydraulic pump parts and engine parts. Our parts have guarantee for you if you buy from our goods via online shop.

  • WONEPART Celebrate Mother's Day to the great mother in the whole world. Mother's Day is a day to thank mothers. The modern Mother's Day originated in the United States and is the second Sunday in May every year. Mothers usually receive gifts on this day. Carnations are regarded as flowers dedicated to their mothers, and the mother flower in China is Hemerocallis, also known as Wangyoucao.Parent's Day originated in the United States. The initiator of this festival was Philadelphia native Anna Jarvis, a woman who never married and had no children. On May 9, 1906, Anna Jarvis's mother tragically passed away, and she was deeply saddened. On the anniversary of his mother's death the following year, Jarvis organized a memorial service for his mother and encouraged others to express their gratitude to their mothers in a similar way.

  • We WONEPART Supply Seal Kits and Parts to Afghanistan for building projects We wonepart are company specializing in seal, seal kits, hydraulic pump and parts, hammer and parts, engine and parts, Afghanistan is a country which need more support for construction machinery and spare parts for rebuild their own country. Not only parts but also food and other resources from Afghanistan to export to China, just take pine nut as an example, afghanistan pine nut factory moves towards modernization At present, although these pine nut factories have already started the production mode, due to the backward industry in Afghanistan, they cannot enter the large-scale modern production mode, and many links are still in their original state, from pine nut picking, material selection, to final packaging. , and this also greatly reduces the production efficiency, and at the same time, it is impossible to realize the transformation and upgrading of the factory. In order to get rid of this backward situation as soon as possible, Afghanistan has begun to import a large number of modern excavator or wheel loader machinery and their parts like hydraulic seal, piston seal, cylinder seal, seal kits, hydraulic pump and parts, engine parts and other equipment from our country and some from we

  • Olympic mascot make wonepart to be better seal kit supplier - The Beijing Winter Olympics is a popular event this year. In addition to the protagonists of the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games, there are also many stars. In addition to the characters, there are also our Olympic rings, similar to our company's flagship hydraulic seal, as the following photo show piston seal, rod seal, o ring, seal kits to assembly. Of course, the most important thing is the mascots of the Winter Olympics. The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics mascot "Bingdundun" and the Winter Paralympic mascot "Xue Rongrong" were officially released. This is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Fuwa design in China, China once again launched the Olympic mascot. Regarding the styles of these two, the comments on the Internet can be said to be varied. Some commented that they were sturdy and cute, and some joked that they were Xiang Tanghulu. In short, although there is a mainstream aesthetic, there must be different expressions. Hammer Talking History is a history-telling column, so I won't comment on the design of these two mascots here. We will continue the inherent style of our product department this time, enriching the current reality with historical stories. In this issue, we will tell about the Olympic Games. The evolutionary history of mascots.

  • We wonepart want peace and live on a planet without war and hostile violence. The emergence of the global village breaks the traditional concept of time and space, making people more closely connected with the outside world and the whole world, and human beings have become more understanding of each other. The emergence of the global village phenomenon has changed people's news concept and propaganda concept, forcing the news media to pay more attention to the interests and needs of the recipients, and to pay more attention to timeliness and objectivity and authenticity of content. The global village promotes the process of world economic integration. The global village is the development of the Internet; it is the concentrated expression of the information network era; it is a formation of the knowledge economy era, and the rapid development of modern transportation, the upgrading of communication technology, and the comprehensive application of network technology have enabled the formation of the global village. To put it simply, the global village means that although the earth is very big, due to the more and more convenient information transmission, everyone's communication is as convenient as in a small village, so the big family of the earth is called the "global village". The emergence of the concept of the global village more intuitively expresses the people's desire for a peaceful world. Regardless of skin color or race, everyone is equal to the point that they are only part of a village. Just because we are part of the earth, we sincerely hope that we can coexist peacefully. If you need construction machinery spare parts, we will give you the best seal, seal kits, inch seal, hydraulic seal, piston seal, rod seal, seal kit, repair kit, kit repair products at the best Chinese manufacture price, so that the global village can be built even better. Welcome to contact us by email or WhatsApp:+86-15860751932.

  • Blackouts affect Chinese seal factory manufacture time and price from WONEPART Perhaps you have noticed that the recent “dual control of energy consumption” policy of the Chinese government, which has a certain impact on the production capacity of some manufacturing companies, and the delivery of orders in some industries has to be delayed. According to the understanding from the Chinese authorities, there have been two main reasons for China’s electricity consumption growth for a period of time. One is that economic growth has brought about electricity consumption growth. Since October, China’s economic growth has accelerated, and industrial production growth has reached a new high during the year. The growth rate of the added value of the industrial enterprises above designated size has exceeded the normal level before the epidemic, and external demand continues to be strong. The export growth rate hit a new high this year. Economic growth has brought about a rapid rebound in electricity consumption, which just confirms that China is the first to resume work and resume production fact.

  • The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival, Moonlight Birthday, Moon Eve, Autumn Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Moon Worship Festival, Moon Niang Festival, Moon Festival, Reunion Festival, etc., is a traditional Chinese folk festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival originated from the worship of celestial phenomena and evolved from the autumn eve of the ancient times. Originally, the festival of "Jiyue Festival" was on the 24th solar term "autumn equinox" in the Ganzhi calendar. Later it was adjusted to the 15th of the Xia calendar (lunar calendar). In some places, the Mid-Autumn Festival was set on the 16th of the Xia calendar. Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival has had folk customs such as worshipping the moon, admiring the moon, eating moon cakes, playing with lanterns, admiring osmanthus flowers, and drinking osmanthus wine.

  • Are you ready to return to work and restart its economy after COVID19 fade away? Coronavirus:China tries to go back to work to heal illness-inflicted economy are ready to delivery goods after COVID19 fade away. As a responsible big country, China strictly promotes the resumption of production and production while strictly preventing and controlling the epidemic. After witnessing the progress of China's resumption of production and production, many mainstream British and American media said that the situation is encouraging and encouraging. The international community believes that China's resumption of production and production is very timely, which not only benefits its own economic development, but also makes a significant contribution to the world economy. We are ready to supply all kinds of construction machine spare parts for you to restart economy.

  • How does little KN95 or N95 facemask to prevent the coronavirus? Little mask, do you really understand? What types of masks are there? What's the difference between them? Which mask works best to stop the virus? Do we have to buy N95 masks? Does the N95 exhalation valve reduce protection? This article summarizes eleven questions about masks. I hope that in the season when the virus is raging, we can clear up doubts about masks.Whether from an epidemiological perspective or from a clinical research standpoint, there is already a lot of evidence to prove that wearing a mask correctly can effectively prevent the spread of the virus. The first clinical study was published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases in 2008. The study concluded that, when used correctly, masks can effectively prevent the spread of the virus [1]. Children with influenza at home, if they can use masks correctly, the family is 80% less likely to be diagnosed with the virus, and in this study, the differences between different masks were small. Another study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, reported similar results. Researchers investigated 400 flu patients. They found that the families of these patients had a 70% reduction in the risk of flu if they frequently washed their hands and wore surgical masks [2].

  • Protective supplies and their main raw materials, production equipment (1) Protective equipment Medical protective masks, medical surgical masks, medical protective clothing, negative pressure protective hoods, medical boot covers, medical comprehensive respiratory protective equipment (devices), medical isolating eye masks / medical isolating masks, disposable latex gloves, surgical clothing (clothing) , Isolation gown, disposable work cap, disposable medical cap (for patients), etc. 1 (two) the main raw materials of protective equipment Laminated spunbond fabric, breathable film, meltblown non-woven fabric, PET / PC anti-fogging membrane and sheet for isolating eye masks and masks, seals, zippers, antistatic agents and other medical protective clothing, medical masks, etc. Important raw materials. 2 (three) protective equipment production equipment Protective clothing plodder, mask machine, etc. 3 V. Special vehicles, equipment, instruments and key components (I) Vehicle equipment Negative pressure ambulances and other types of ambulances, special operating vehicles; negative pressure isolation cabins, quickly deployable negative pressure isolation wards, negative pressure isolation tent systems; vehicle negative pressure systems, positive pressure intelligent protection systems; CT, portable DR, ECG, color ultrasound, etc., electronic laryngoscope, fiberoptic bronchoscope, etc .; ventilator, monitor, defibrillator, high-flow respiratory humidification instrument, medical electric bed; blood color analyzer, PCR instrument, ACT detector ; Syringe pump, infusion pump, artificial heart and lung (ECMO), CRRT, etc .; 4 (two) kill equipment Knapsack rechargeable ultra-low capacity sprayer, knapsack rechargeable ultra-low capacity sprayer, hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, plasma air sterilizer, terminal air sterilizer, etc. 5 (three) electronic instruments Full-automatic infrared body temperature monitor, door-type body temperature monitor, handheld infrared thermometer and other infrared body temperature detection equipment and other intelligent monitoring and detection systems. 6 (four) key components Blackbody, temperature sensor, sensor chip, display panel, resistance-capacitance component, detector, electrical plug-in component, lithium battery, printed circuit board, etc.

  • The current epidemic situation is overcoming difficulties-our company is actively working to produce mask machines Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, our company attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and prepares for the resumption of production and production in the new year. For the past few days, the leaders of our company and the responsible comrades of the relevant departments have taken the procurement of masks and other urgent medical protection supplies and appliances as an important task. Our party members actively donate to the urgent needs of the company. On March 3, our party members and employees actively participated in the resumption of work and production, while cooperating with brother companies to transfer production and actively producing mask machines and mask production lines.

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