Olympic mascot make wonepart to be better seal kit supplier


Olympic mascot make wonepart to be better seal kit supplier

The Beijing Winter Olympics is a popular event this year. In addition to the protagonists of the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games, there are also many stars. In addition to the characters, there are also our Olympic rings, similar to our company's flagship  hydraulic seal, as the following photo show piston seal, rod seal, o ring, seal kits to assembly.

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Of course, the most important thing is the mascots of the Winter Olympics. The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics mascot "Bingdundun" and the Winter Paralympic mascot "Xue Rongrong" were officially released. This is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Fuwa design in China, China once again launched the Olympic mascot.

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Regarding the styles of these two, the comments on the Internet can be said to be varied. Some commented that they were sturdy and cute, and some joked that they were Xiang Tanghulu. In short, although there is a mainstream aesthetic, there must be different expressions. Hammer Talking History is a history-telling column, so I won't comment on the design of these two mascots here. We will continue the inherent style of our product department this time, enriching the current reality with historical stories. In this issue, we will tell about the Olympic Games. The evolutionary history of mascots.

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 The Olympic Games are familiar to everyone. They were all the rage in the ancient Greek era. Later, under the impetus of the Frenchman Coubertin, the modern Olympic Games were first held in 1896. In the first 70 years of the Olympic Games, neither the Summer Olympics nor the Winter Olympics had a mascot.

The first Olympic mascot in history was born at the 1968 Grenoble Winter Olympics in France. The French at that time suggested that something must be added to this Winter Olympics that had not been done before. Why do the French do this? Because before the Winter Olympics, six countries competed to bid for the Winter Olympics. France was chosen from Canada, Finland, the United States, Japan, and Norway. It was not easy.

So the French must do something to commemorate it. As a result, there is a mascot in the history of the Olympic Games - the skiing villain Shuss. The shape of this mascot is relatively simple. In our understanding, it looks like a candied haws or a red-painted pumpkin directly buckled on the head of a skier. 

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Then, as the first ever Olympic mascot, Schuss failed. There are many reasons for the failure. For example, its shape is too simple, and it lacks traditional French cultural elements. At that time, people were not familiar with the concept of Olympic mascots. At one point, it was also considered not to be an official Olympic mascot.

Four years later, at the 1972 Summer Games in Munich, Germany, the first version of the official Olympic mascot, Vardy, was born. It was based on the German purebred terrier common in the Munich area. The tenacity symbolizes the fighting spirit of the Olympic athletes, and belongs to the first generation of well-established designs.       

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But it was very unlucky. At the Munich Olympics, there was a "Black September" incident in which terrorists attacked athletes. When such a bad thing happened, it was natural to find someone to take the blame, and the mascot Vardy that just came out became One of the scapegoats was criticized as unlucky mascots, so although Vardy was the first real Olympic mascot in history, he was powerless in the face of the black pot that fell from the sky.

But after all, Vardy pioneered the way of the Olympic mascot, and since then, the Olympic mascot has become the official must-have of the previous Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics.

In the following several Olympic Games, the organizers generally chose the characteristic animal images of their own country or the host place, and cartoonized them into mascots. For example, in the 1976 Montreal Olympics in Canada, they found a local Canadian beaver as a prototype, and in the 1980 Moscow Olympics in the Soviet Union The Russian bear was looking for, and the American Eagle was looking for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

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The most landmark in this is the American Eagle "Sam", the mascot of the Los Angeles Olympic Games, because it was the first successful commercialized Olympic mascot, and because Sam was printed on various Olympic designated products as the Olympic logo, As a result, the Los Angeles Olympic Games made a lot of money and became the first profitable Olympic Games in history. Among them, Sam made a great contribution. Just 10 million of Sam dolls were sold, and the direct income was 200 million dollars. The greatest value of the Olympic Games - Olympic mascots are the most profitable of the Olympic peripheral products.

Another milestone event for the Olympic mascot was the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. Because before that, the characteristics of the mascots of the previous Olympic Games were cartoons, anthropomorphism and cuteness based on the traditional animals of the country, but in this Olympics, the "Kobe" designed by Spain took a completely different path. ——It is a fictional cartoon character that combines the characteristics of sheep, dogs and people, which changes the tradition that the Olympic mascots were developed on the basis of domestic real animals in one fell swoop. As soon as this limitation is broken, it will open a door for the image design of the Olympic mascot. The direct consequence is that the mascot "Izzy" of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics in the United States did not refer to animals at all, and directly used computer technology to create a fiction.

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Of course, since it is a brain-opening innovation, whether the mascot created is good-looking is much more controversial. For example, this "Izzy" is inexplicable except for the impressive two huge eyes on his head. On the basis of the unrestrainedness of the Americans, the 2012 London Olympic Games in the United Kingdom launched the mascot "Wenlock", a huge eye that occupies the entire face, and the post-modern image of one eye makes many people ignorant. The teacher claimed that "Wenlock" was derived from a sheep, but the audience certainly couldn't see it.

Here's a word of wonepart seal and seal kits. Relatively speaking, the design style of the Summer Olympics is indeed becoming more and more unrestrained, while the mascot design of the Winter Olympics is more conservative than that of the Summer Olympics. So far, the Winter Olympics have continued the model of cartoon animals.

However, in another trend of Olympic mascots, the trend of more and more cartoon characters, the Winter Olympics go further than the Summer Olympics.

Another trend of Olympic mascots is the increasing number of people. The 2000 Sydney Olympic Games in Australia launched three mascots for the first time, and the most mascot was the 2008 Beijing Olympics, with a total of five Fuwas. In terms of the Winter Olympics, the first time the mascot broke through one was as early as the Calgary Winter Olympics in Canada in 1988, when it was a pair of polar bear cowboys, while the four cartoon owls of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics in Japan maintained the Winter Olympics. A record of the number of mascots in the meeting.

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Simply looking at the history of the development of Olympic mascots, it is not difficult to see that it is really difficult to adjust to everyone, but the mentality of the organizers of each session wants to use the most distinctive and influential good things in their country as mascots. has not changed.

The mascot of the Olympic Games is to let us live in peace in a global environment, so that we can treat people and things with a peaceful mind, although there are many difficulties in front of us, we are still firm, we wonepart seal will support you for better life as we have good dealership for you if you are interested in our seal, seal kits, piston seal, rod seal, breaker seal kits, hydraulic breaker and parts, hydraulic pump and parts, engine and parts projects.

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