The current epidemic situation is overcoming difficulties-our company is actively working to produce mask machines


The current epidemic situation is overcoming difficulties-our company is actively working to produce mask machines

 Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, our company attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and prepares for the resumption of production and production in the new year. For the past few days, the leaders of our company and the responsible comrades of the relevant departments have taken the procurement of masks and other urgent medical protection supplies and appliances as an important task.

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Our party members actively donate to the urgent needs of the company. On March 3, our party members and employees actively participated in the resumption of work and production, while cooperating with brother companies to transfer production and actively producing mask machines and mask production lines.

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According to figures disclosed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, before the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the overall production capacity of China's masks was more than 20 million per day, which was the highest in the world. However, since the occurrence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, masks have become the most urgently needed epidemic prevention materials. With the gradual resumption of full-scale work, the daily demand for domestic masks has also increased.

Companies with scarce masks and tight staff are still struggling to meet local and international epidemic prevention needs.

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At present, medical masks, N95 masks, and KN95 masks on the market are almost out of stock and sold out. The masks produced by the company have been in short supply. What Yudi Technology Co., Ltd. can do is to speed up production.


We urgently recalled more than ten employees to return to the factory to rush to work, and restored the three mask production lines in the factory. In order to expand production, the production time was changed from 8 hours to 24 hours without interruption. The daily output of masks increased from more than 10,000. More than 50,000.


Our main products are KN95 masks and disposable flat masks. The most important raw material is a layer of meltblown cloth. It is the filter layer in the middle of the mask. The fiber diameter is only one-thirteenth of the hair diameter, so it can filter bacteria and stop viruses The spread is known as the "heart" of the mask.


According to the daily production capacity of more than 50,000 masks, the factory needs to consume more than 200 kg of meltblown cloth every day. Since the outbreak, meltblown cloth has become a sought-after product, and prices are constantly rising, and it is still unavailable.


At this time, the government resident leaders helped coordinate the meltblown cloth manufacturers and helped Jiang Ping to sign a continuous supply contract with the raw material manufacturer. They took more than 300 kg of meltblown cloth on the spot and will give them 300 kg every 2 days. .


When the mask production line is running at full capacity, we contacted Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and developed a complete set of full-automatic mask production machine.


Now they are driving full-automatic mask production equipment to go offline. At present, it mainly produces two kinds of mask machines. The disposable flat mask production line can produce more than 6000 masks per hour, which greatly improves the production efficiency of masks. At present, the company's customer orders have increased from the original 40 units to 82 units. Recently, a new outbreak of new crown pneumonia has also occurred in Japan. After learning that Chinese companies can equip themselves to produce full-automatic mask production lines, a Japanese company also ordered 10 mask production lines. At the same time, we also established a new factory line, in which we also use domestic excavators such as SANY, XCMG and other brands to work together. Take advantage of your own product accessories, increase horsepower, and speed up the construction of production areas.

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At a time when China is struggling to overcome the downward pressure on the economy, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is blocking the road, adding obstacles to China's "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" and the perfect ending of a well-off society.


On February 23, General Secretary Xi Jinping said at a conference to coordinate the advancement of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development: "This is a crisis and a big test."


From the development situation since February, under the scientific deployment and strong command of the Party Central Committee, governments at all levels, enterprises and the people of the country have fought together, and the epidemic prevention and control has achieved obvious results. The economic epidemic concurrent with the epidemic is related to the realization of China's economic and social development goals and tasks throughout the year.


Going all out to completely overcome the epidemic is not only related to the safety of the people's lives, but also an urgent need in all aspects of China's politics, economy, and society. Now that the order has been issued, the policy has been issued, and the measures have been put in place. Except in areas with severe epidemics, the battle for comprehensive and orderly resumption of work and resumption of production has been attacking. We have the determination and confidence to win this plague war and economic war.


The global epidemic situation is now grim, and Europe is almost completely occupied! Italy 2502, France 212, Germany 196, Spain 165, United Kingdom 51, Switzerland 46, Norway 33, Sweden 30! Spread to 29 countries!


I hope everyone can protect themselves, and hope that we can provide excavator accessories, such as seal kits,seal, hydraulic hammer, hammer manufacture, hydraulic breaker, hydraulic pump and parts, engine and parts for komatsu, caterpillar, volvo and other brand parts, while we can do our best to give away free masks to our customers with the orders together.


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