How China build the hospital within 10 days to battle corona virus ?


How China build the hospital within 10 days to battle corona virus ?

What happened in the past 10 days? How did you do it?

On the Chinese New Year's Eve, hundreds of excavators, bulldozers, and thousands of workers, like Lu Jun, ushered in the roar of the machine and ushered in the first early morning of the Gengzi year.

On the day of New Year's Eve, the construction party accumulatively leveled the entire site to 50,000 square meters, equivalent to the size of 7 football fields. Excavation of 150,000 cubic meters of earth is enough to fill 57 standard swimming pools.

"The first day, the construction site was still a swamp, and the bulldozers were almost trapped. The next morning, the mounds were pushed flat, the swamps were filled, and the previous appearance was completely invisible." A technology People are feeling in the circle of friends.

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Laying crushed stones, compacting foundations, excavating foundation trenches ... According to the normal process, the construction period nodes are counted in days. In Vulcan Mountain, all nodes can be counted as hours, even minutes. For the extreme construction period requirements, site design, construction, and supervision personnel are on the site together, while designing, construction, modification, and adjustment.

On the construction site, there are cars and people everywhere. During the day, the machine was roaring and the human voice was boiling; at night, the lights flashed like daylight and welding flowers. The so-called "infrastructural madness" is actually just a group of kind and brave people putting on armor and silently carrying forward in the blessings of all people.

At its peak, there were more than 7,000 workers on the construction site, and more than 800 excavators, bulldozers and other equipment were operating simultaneously. The previous unit had just finished sanding the site, and the next unit immediately entered the site to apply an anti-seepage membrane. High-density crowds and machinery make the construction space on site very limited.

Every worker and every equipment and every parts for excavators, like screws and components, is fastened together, driving this giant machine to quickly build a "safe island" to fight the epidemic.

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According to foreign netizens' evaluation, the army of excavators and construction workers who are constantly on the road and supplies to Wuhan are "continuously preparing for this battle at an incredible speed."

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