Are you ready to return to work and restart its economy after COVID19 fade away?


Are you ready to return to work and restart its economy after COVID19 fade away?


Coronavirus:China tries to go back to work to heal illness-inflicted economy are ready to delivery goods after COVID19 fade away.

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As a responsible big country, China strictly promotes the resumption of production and production while strictly preventing and controlling the epidemic. After witnessing the progress of China's resumption of production and production, many mainstream British and American media said that the situation is encouraging and encouraging. The international community believes that China's resumption of production and production is very timely, which not only benefits its own economic development, but also makes a significant contribution to the world economy.


China resumes production in many places Foreign media: the situation is encouraging

In the last week of February, the capacity utilization rate of the Chinese economy has reached 60% -70%, significantly higher than the previous week's 50% -60%.

At the beginning of March, the rate of resumption of work by central state-owned enterprises in China reached 91.7%. The rate of resumption of work in industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, telecommunications, power, and transportation exceeded 95%; the rate of resumption of foreign enterprises in China exceeded 80%; The yield exceeds 30%. The data also shows that in local areas, the overall resumption rate of Guangdong enterprises has reached 82.5%, the resumption rate of foreign-invested enterprises in Zhejiang exceeds 85%, and the resumption rate of enterprises above the designated size in the integrated demonstration zone of the Yangtze River Delta reaches 96.1%.


This series of data strongly shows that China is steadily advancing the resumption of production. In this regard, many foreign media fully affirmed.


To address the shortage of medical supplies, the Chinese government encourages mask manufacturers to start operations and expand production capacity. The government also helps companies that are unable to resume work due to labor or material shortages to resolve difficulties and imports more essential materials.


Cong Liang, secretary general of China's National Development and Reform Commission, said in February that the resumption rate of mask companies has exceeded 76%, and that of protective clothing companies is 77%. CNN pointed out that these signs are very encouraging.


China is encouraging the resumption of production and production. The government must promote economic development while curbing the new coronavirus. They are solving a balance problem.

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As a barometer and wind vane for the construction machinery industry, the sales of excavators have advanced by leaps and bounds, hitting record highs again and again, which has once again attracted great attention from mainstream media such as CCTV. According to recent statistics released by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, in March 2020, 49,408 sets of excavation machinery products were sold nationwide, of which 46,610 units were sold in the domestic market, an increase of 11.2% year-on-year.


Behind the soaring sales of excavators, it is reflected that during the post-epidemic prevention and control period, China's economy has also continued to pick up speed. China's work on resuming production and production is steadily advancing, and major infrastructure investment has gradually been on track.


In an interview with CCTV, wonepart said that in March, the output of wonepart has exceeded the highest output in the history of wonepart, and the market sales of wonepart parts also hit a record high. Against the backdrop of a more severe epidemic prevention and control situation, the one-part accessories still produced a dazzling answer sheet.

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In March 2020, sales of wonepart accessories at home and abroad increased by 14% compared with the same period of last year, and domestic sales of wonepart accessories increased by 16% compared with last year, again setting a new record high.

According to industry analysts, with the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, coupled with the increase in counter-cyclical adjustments, infrastructure investment and the need to resume production and recovery, the excavator sales will remain at a high level in April.


Excavator Index: refers to the use of big data and Internet of Things technology to connect a machine through an onboard controller, sensor and wireless communication module to a huge network. Each wave of a shovel and one step of action forms a data trace. Big data accurately depicts the infrastructure construction rate and other conditions, becoming a vane for observing economic changes such as fixed asset investment.

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The excavator index was first reported in the Xinhua News Agency. Wonepart used the index to improve business operations and became the basis for relevant departments to formulate policies. For a long time, the excavator has been regarded as the weather vane of the construction machinery industry, as well as one of the economic barometers.


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