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  • Dust/Wiper Seal

    Dust/Wiper Seal

    Dust seal Basic introduction of dust seal Dust seal is a rubber material sealing ring used for vehicles, machinery and engineering machinery to prevent dust and dirt from entering. The dust seal is generally used in conjunction with a rubber round rubber ring. It is used in some mechanical equipment and hydraulic piston systems to be installed at the connection part of the machine to prevent outside dust and dirt from entering the equipment, especially in harsh environments. Large excavator bulldozers need a large amount of dust-proof packaging on the four wheels and one belt, hydraulic system to prevent the intrusion of sand and protect the machinery.

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  • Buffer Seal

    Buffer Seal

    Buffer seal is used in combination with rod packing to absorb the impact and fluctuating pressure at high load, to isolate high temperature fluid, and to improve the durability of the packing. The cylinder is cushioned and sealed, and the product itself has a pressure relief groove for easy exhaust. Robust design. When the hydraulic cylinder is used under high pressure, a polyurethane buffer seal is installed in front of the piston rod main seal to filter the impact of the high pressure on the main seal and to extend the service life of the main seal.

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  • Bonded Seal

    Bonded Seal

    The boned seal is a rubber ring and a metal ring integrally bonded and vulcanized, and is a sealing ring used to seal the thread and flange connection. The ring includes a metal ring and a rubber gasket. boned seals basic information Anti-rust treatment of metal rings, rubber rings generally use oil resistant nitrile rubber or fluorine rubber. The combination pads are available in metric and inch sizes. There are standard JB982-77 regulations for the combination of metal pads and rubber in combination pads. Combination gaskets are used for threaded pipe joints and screw plugs. It is generally used with ferrule pipe joints to block oil ports. It is mainly used for static sealing of end faces of threaded joints of hydraulic valve pipe joints. It is applicable to British and American standards The static sealing of the end face of the joints of British threads and French and German standard metric threads. The combined sealing gasket can be divided into A type and B type according to the structural form; it can be divided into all-inclusive and half-inclusive according to the difference of the rubber.

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